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Yim Tin

The Yantian Catalpa Art Festival has the theme of "Heaven", "Earth" and "People" each year. "Floor" is the theme of the second phase of the Yantian Catalpa Art Festival, so Antai used "Yantian" as the theme of this work.


The composition uses a strong perspective effect to describe the harvest scenes of the salt fields in the past. A display screen is placed behind the work, constantly showing the changes of Yim Tin Tsai day and night. Watch the reflections of the changing day and night on the salt pan. In addition to the visual experience, the surroundings of the work are also covered with salt produced by Yim Tin Tsai, and viewers can instantly touch the real salt. Feel the gift of this big strip to us.


Yim Tin Tsai is a small island that inherits the unique culture of Hong Kong. The restored salt fields on the island are currently the only ones in Hong Kong that still produce edible sea salt. The ancestors of the Chen family of Yim Tin Tsai chose to take root on this small island, and Yantian has also become an important symbol of Yim Tin Tsai. In its heyday, the salt fields reached six acres, and the salt production was sufficient for the whole of Sai Kung.


Photographer and miniature artist On Tai, formerly known as Tai Yau On, will create miniatures for the Yim Tin Tsai Arts Festival again this year. The new work "Yim Tin" uses a special perspective to coordinate with the rear screen to show the changes of the day and night of the Yantian Catalpa, as well as the scene of the hard work of the salt workers. On Tai hopes to reshape the scenery of Yim Tin in its heyday, allowing visitors to walk into the scene of harvest in the old Yim Tin from a new perspective.

Ratio: 1:12 – 1:24
Actual work size: about 58cm(Front W) x 25cm(Back W) x 95cm(D) x 15cm(H)

The whole work size: about 98cm(Front W) x 65cm(Back W) x 125cm(D) x 20cm(H)

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