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Mini Movements - On Tai’s Miniature Art Exhibition

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Life is constantly surrounded by little things for you to discover. The most ordinary things in life always seem insignificant and we always go without even realizing that those little things are gradually affecting our everyday lives. You will experience the love & happiness shared by the world of miniatures during the ‘On Tai’s Miniature Art Exhibition’ presented at Tai Yau Plaza during September, and discover more about the voluntary service of ‘Mini Movements’.

Mini movements - On Tai’s Miniature Art Exhibition

Date: 1 – 24 September 2021

Time: 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Venue: Tai Yau Plaza, 181 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Traveling back in time

On Tai, formerly known as Tai Yau On, a miniature artist, is a Hong Kong local photographer who has been engaged in photography for more than 20 years. Ever since On Tai was a child, he had been obsessed with miniature objects - he loved arts and crafts which required perseverance and a huge amount of attention to the fine details, eventually developing his passion of creating miniature art. The sentiments of old Hong Kong, the historical stories of local lives - these fragments of time created subtle and nostalgic scenes, embarking everyone on an emotional journey back in time. Not only does On Tai’s miniature art evoke memories, but they also help pass on generations and generation of old Hong Kong’s cultures and traditions.

Conservation and Inheritance

On Tai's artistic creations have always been based on the theme of old Hong Kong, and his works often express his infinite love for his hometown. In his work, he has included pieces which reflected the life of the seven-story public housings in the 1960s, the brilliance of the cinemas in the 1970s; The CNY calligraphy stalls, the vintage TVs, food stalls, and lunar calendars, etc., that all have accompanied the childhood of many Hongkongers. The caged residents and wooden staircases reflected the realities of Hong Kong society at the time - the Yantian Catalpa, which contained the native Hakka culture, etc. All these elements not only promoted the wisdom of our ancestors, but they also allowed for the classics and precious traditions of old Hong Kong to be preserved.

The Concept of Miniature Art

‘The artwork I have created are not just tiny models, they are representations of the stories of our history, and I hope that they will arouse the interest of people to discover more about Hong Kong culture and its disappearing traditions.’ For On Tai, miniature art is a concept which does not limit to scale. Size is subjective. One of the huge TV installations that was exhibited on the promenade of Victoria Harbour where visitors will instantly become "miniature" when they walk by On Tai’s artwork.

Embracing Social Integration

Putting concepts into actions and identifying social issues through miniature arts. In 2017, On Tai established several voluntary programs by using the theme of miniature art - namely ‘Mini Movements’. In our society, many people are unable to participate in creative activities due to their living conditions and limitations; ‘Mini Movements’ is the ‘mini’ art that is used to retain the most beautiful moments of Hong Kong, and to convey inclusivity and warmth to those especially in need by action.

Sharing of Joy

‘If someone is unable to see our exhibition due to mobility difficulties, we can bring our artworks to them, and we will also provide simple materials and crafts to let them experience the joy of artistic creation.’ People with limitations and difficulties, such as the elderly or the mentally disabled, are those who usually feel ‘stuck’ and ignored by society. Through the voluntary visiting service of ‘Mini Movements’, On Tai hopes to share love and inclusivity by giving care and joy. And by participating in community art creation, this platform can also provide an opportunity for people to interact with the community.

Being stubborn can be a good thing if you have chosen the right path. No matter how small the deed is, it can bring a smile to the world and illuminates each individual soul.

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