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Mini Movements Inclusive Arts Association

(Charity License Number : 91/18324) 

Life is constantly surrounded by little things for you to discover. The most ordinary things in life always seem insignificant and we always go without even realizing that those little things are gradually affecting our everyday lives. On Tai is a Hong Kong local photographer who has been engaged in photography for more than 20 years. In 2017, On Tai established several voluntary programs by using the theme of miniature art - namely ‘Mini Movements’. In our society, many people are unable to participate in creative activities due to their living conditions and limitations; ‘Mini Movements’ is the ‘mini’ art that is used to retain the most beautiful moments of Hong Kong, and to convey inclusivity and warmth to those especially in need by action.

Mini movements​

‘Mini Movements’ is a campaign providing voluntary service with the theme of miniature art, and the ‘Mini Movements Inclusive Arts Association’ is established afterwards. Through the story behind each miniature artwork, memories of the old days and the historical culture of the old Hong Kong is presented and pass to the next generations. Volunteers of ‘Mini Movements’ has been committed to visit people with physical limitations and from nursing homes, bring along the miniature art, providing services, giving love and care to those who ‘cannot leave the inherent place’. This also provide an opportunity for them to walk out of the ‘inherent place’ by participating art activity in the community, so they can be reconnected to the society. ‘Mini Movements’ also organize visits and seminars at schools and education institutions to share the concept of miniature art and voluntary service.

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