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Chinese New Year antithetical couplets – Hong Kong

The colour red represents joy of the Chinese. The artist loves to incorporate the details of life into the work and in order to make the details of folding table’s metal tube, a copper tube fitted with the radius should be found. Copper tube is straighter than copper stick and more efforts have to be put when making the artwork with the tube instead of the stick. Moreover, there will be dents when the tube is buckled which can accurately reflect the outcome of the buckled folding table. The artist has also put a lot efforts on other details of the work ranging from concrete pedestrian road to line of pit, from lines drawn by road-menders to damaged pavement.


In 2017, "Chinese New Year antithetical couplets – Hong Kong" won the "Best Hong Kong Theme" award in the Sanhe Cup of the Hong Kong Open Model Contest 2017, which was selected by the "Hong Kong Society of Scale Modelling".

Focus on viewing:

1. Folding table—The foot of the folding table is made by buckling small copper tubes, and the production method is incompatible with reality.

2. ‎Drain cover—Can you guess what material it is made of? Answer: ordinary card paper

3. ‎Radio—Radio can be said to be the most popular civilian entertainment at the time.


Ratio: 1:12
Size: 34cm(W) x 27cm(D) x 21cm(H)

Past exhibitions:

  1. 01/2014: "Fine. Taste. New Year's Love" Miniature Art Exhibition | Venue: Hong Kong Pioneer Center

  2. 03/2014: "A Closer Look at Hong Kong" Miniature Art Exhibition | Venue: Tokyo, Japan

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