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Glass brick-"Li Chun"


Hong Kong is a fast-paced city. Besides the beautiful waterfront, let us slow down our pace of life and feel the surprises of this city.

Mr. TAI Yau On from On Tai Mini Workshop is a miniature crafter. With the theme of miniature art, he sets up a volunteer group, "Mini Movements" and organizes volunteers to bring and share his work with people with disabilities. By conducting visits to schools and other education institutions, they are promoting the miniatures to the younger generation in Hong Kong as well.

With the direction of "Grow from the Earth, Our Home", On Tai has created miniature paviours for the Victoria Harbour. On Tai hopes to retain the most beautiful moment of Hong Kong through the miniature art and allow members of the public and tourists to stay and enjoy the "home" on the promenade. On Tai has promised to provide new artworks and creative inputs in the near future. That's definitely something we are looking forward to!

Ratio: 1:12 

Size: 19cm(W) x 9cm(D) x 7.2cm(H)

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