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"Cage Man" is an art creation based on a Hong Kong cage house.

Caged home started to exist in Hong Kong in 1950s. There are usually many tailor-made bunk beds in a room in order to fully utilise
the area of the room. Also the beds are encircled with iron ropes. A lock is added to each cage for the resident’ sake.
The aim of this art work is to reveal the unique housing problem in this vibrant city. It also reflects the flexibility of Hong Kong people. During my creation, I found out that we did not capture the pleasant memories during the good old days, but only the pathetic living environment left. 


Caged Home, the living culture, is disappearing these days. However, it has been replaced by cubicle apartment, and even sub-divided flats nowadays.


In 2013, "Cage Man" won the "Most Touching Award" in the "Festival" Festival Miniature Art Exhibition in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Ratio: 1:8
Size: 33cm(W) x 18cm(D) x 27cm(H) each x 3 pieces

Past exhibitions:

  1. 28/03/2013-12/05/2013: "Festival" Gala Mini Art Exhibition in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan | Venue: Tsing Yi City (MTR)

  2. 17/05/2013-16/06/2013: "Good Stores" Miniature Scenery Exhibition|  Location: Telford Plaza (MTR)

  3. 01/09/2013-27/10/2013: "Dream Reunion" Micro View Art Exhibition | Venue: Indigo Beijing (Swire Properties)

  4. 04/01/2014-02/03/2014: "Time Travel" Special Exhibition of Miniature Art Exchange between China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan | Venue: Fo Guang Yuan Taipei Art Gallery

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