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Yim Tin Tsai 

"Yantian Catalpa" is a small island with unique cultural heritage in Hong Kong.

I used hand-made miniature art techniques and added a lot of different materials, including the plants and soil on the island, to reshape this unique island. I hope to take everyone into this 1:87 miniature "Yantian Catalpa" from a new perspective.

It is not only the landforms of this magical island, but also the cooperation with people. How does an ordinary Hakka village perfectly blend different cultures to form this unique magical island in Hong Kong...

On the miniature "Yantian Catalpa", the sacrificial ceremony of "Holy Communion Outing" is being held, so that we can walk in and experience this celebration together.

Ratio: 1:87
Size: 90cm(W) x 90cm(D) x 45cm(H)

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