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"Gai Liu - Public Housing Estate in Hong Kong" portrays the public housing estates in Hong Kong, as well as the livelihood of people from the 1960s to the 1980s.

The main purpose of this art is to yearn the moment with the artist’s grandmother in his childhood. In the memory of the artist’s grandmother, he recorded the practical and wise design in the past, and paid the tribute to the efforts of the senior citizens. Thanks to their hard work, the wisdom and spirit they left becomes the classic today. Throughout the whole process, the artist took a long time to work on the red flooring brick in order to accurately reflect the lifestyle of that period. Having the shortage problem, the bricks were not affordable for all households. With this situation, some elders cleverly used cement and dyed them to red. Next, they used strings to extrude the square shape. The outcome
was the red brick flooring look-alike. However, looking in the detail of the flooring, the cord-impressed can be found. You can discover how intelligent the elders were, can’t you?


In 2012, "Gai Liu - Public Housing Estate in Hong Kong" was exhibited for the first time in the "City Gallery" of the Hong Kong City Hall. In the same year, the work was also awarded by the "Hong Kong Society of Scale Modelling", the Hong Kong Open Model Competition 2012 Sanhe Cup Two awards, the "Best Hong Kong Theme" award and the "Most Popular Award".


Ratio: 1:12

Size: 44cm(W) x 28cm(D) x 26cm(H)

Past exhibitions:

  1. 01/08/2012-21/09/2012: "Unique Hong Kong in Miniature" Thematic Exhibition 2012 | Venue: City Gallery

  2. 28/03/2013-12/05/2013: "Festival" Gala Mini Art Exhibition in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan | Venue: Tsing Yi City (MTR)

  3. 17/05/2013-16/06/2013: "Good Stores" Miniature Scenery Exhibition | Venue: Telford Plaza (MTR)

  4. 01/09/2013-27/10/2013: "Golden Era" Miniatures Expo| Venue: Indigo Beijing (Swire Properties)

  5. 04/01/2014-02/03/2014: "Time Travel" Special Exhibition of Miniature Art Exchange between China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan | Venue: Fo Guang Yuan Taipei Art Gallery

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