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Hong Kong Cinema

If we want to talk about the production of “Hong Kong Cinema”, one must start from the idea first. Which cinema of the years can be the representative? What can we do to bring back the memories of Hong Kong’s old cinemas. The answer is to start with the classic film. It all started with the screening of the film of “The Private Eyes” in December 1976. This classic film, which was popular in Hong Kong and Japan. And after it hit a box office miracle of 1 billion yen in Japan, in 1979 the classic film screened again in Hong Kong. Then, the materials from this was begun to collect and produce, i.e. tickets, box office, snack bar, the lobby design and even the use of the classic posters painted by Mr. Ruan Da Yong to reshape the giant cinema billboard. The purpose is to bring everyone back to the “Hong Kong Cinema” in 1976.

The clear-hearted audience will ask, "The Legend of the Purple Hairpin" by the two masters of Ren Bai is a film work in 1959. Why did it appear in the theater in 1976? This can be said to be the only part of the work that is not faithful to historical production. "The Story of the Purple Hairpin" was indeed released that year, but it is no longer the work of Master Ren Bai. I learned from the data collection that Master Zhou Qiang repainted Ren Bai’s "Purple Hairpin" advertising painting many years ago. I felt that the opportunity was indispensable. After many twists and turns, I was finally able to reproduce the two giant advertising paintings in the theater, which made me feel very pleased. In addition, it only cost 1 million US dollars equal to the cost of a TV series, it took 28 days to shoot, but unexpectedly there were more than 117.20 million box office revenue and won the 1976 Oscar for Best Picture. Awards, Oscars for Best Director and Best Editing... and so on... "Rocky".

I gave up simply imitating the method of a single theater to make this work, hoping to concentrate the characteristics of the various theaters of the year in the "Hong Kong Theater", so this work can be said to be a collection of the characteristics of the various theaters of the year. I hope to borrow With this work, we will revisit this glorious era!


Focus on viewing:

  1. Ticket office—there were more colloquial words in those days, so it was also called the ticket office. In those days, "buy flights" were classified by grades, generally divided into front seat, rear seat and super class. The fare was determined by grade, which was different from today's ticket purchase situation.

  2. Commissary—This time, a new method is used to make aluminum foil food bags to make the reflections more realistic.

  3. Poster Street—The poster street behind the work. How many classic movies can the audience recognize?

Ratio: 1:20
Size: 85cm(W) x 65cm(D) x 30cm(H)

Past exhibitions:

  1. 10/12/2017-10/01/2018: "POP! Art! Hong Kong Old Style Cinemas Mini-Exhibition and Hong Kong Design Institute Film Poster Re-creation Design Competition Works Exhibition" | Venue: Golden Harvest Citywalk

  2. 26/01/2018-22/02/2018: "Happy•Look at the Hong Kong New Year Mini Art Exhibition" | Venue: Olympian City

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