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The Warmest Blessings ( 2021 )

Victoria Harbour (“Harbour”) has been accompanying the people of Hong Kong of different ages throughout their life journeys. The Harbour witnesses us forming our families, raising our children, and is part of our stories of striving for excellence in our career. The Harbour is where we live, work and play. It contains all our laughters and tears, and snapshots of  countless unforgettable memories. At the same time, it is where our infinite imagination is aspired. The concerted efforts of all of us make our city thriving and prosperous, and the skyline on two sides of the Harbour evolve as time goes by.


Hong Kong designer, On Tai (formerly known as TAI Yau-on), is obsessed with embedding nostalgic craftsmanship within his creation.  The Victoria Harbour recollects the vacuum flask in his tiny home, both of which passing on the warmest blessings. Vacuum flasks have been a common household goods in Hong Kong families.  We use them for preparing a cup of warm water or a pot of hot tea whenever a guest visits, for not only quenching one’s thirst, but also for showing care.  With a nice cup of drink, we catch up with each other, and enjoy a great moment of lives.


Apart from creation of tiny objects in accordance with the actual proportion, On Tai believes miniature art can also be executed as an oversized artwork so that visitors along the harbourfront can be parts of the miniature creatures. "The Warmest Blessings" is an art installation comprising oversized retro Hong Kong style vacuum flask and cups.  Erected on the new open space of the Wan Chai Harbourfront, visitors can pose in close distance to the flask, or even immerse themselves into the cups. Its bespoke design caters for the needs of visitors of different body-build. With the beautiful Harbour as the best backdrop, visitors are encouraged to find the most interesting angles for taking pictures with families and friends, and feel together the ingenious inspiration of the designer.


"The Warmest Blessings" does not only contain the feelings and imaginations of the Hong Kong people about the Victoria Harbour, but also their aspirations to pass on the blessings deep in their hearts to everyone around.

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